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Nothing is as good as your natural tooth, but Dental Implants are often the next best thing. The reasons for this are:
  • It is a fixed item so no need to take it in and out
  • You can get rid of your partial denture
  • Excellent long-term survival rates about 95%
  • No need for extensive preparation of adjacent teeth
  • Can fix to existing full dentures with attachments so great for people who struggle with loose dentures
  • Can get excellent appearance with an 'emergence profile'
  • Will significantly improve your quality of life

It is not suitable for:
  • Smokers
  • Patients with gum disease
  • Anything less than excellent oral hygiene
  • Areas where the implant may be close to a vital structure, such as a nerve bundle.

We are able to provide Dental Implants for you at Fairwater Green Dental Practice with a referral to a Specialist for the implant placement, and then the final crown restored here.